Watering Services, Pressure & Window Washing

Watering Services

Our watering truck services will take care of all your watering needs, from watering of newly planted sod, trees, shrubs, flowers, back yard pools, winter hockey rinks etc.

Pressure Washing and Window Washing

After winter, our properties is covered in dirt and dust. Our high pressure, high temperature pressure washing HOTSY unit that we can clean any surface. We will clean your commercial building from top to bottom - up to two stories high. We can also wash your windows. Our washing services will take care of all cleaning of grease bins, garbage enclosures, sidewalks, building frontage, parking garages or any surface that has stuck on dirt or debris.

Clients include:

  • Property Management Organizations
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Owners
  • Schools and Government
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Condo Boards
  • Property Developers
  • Residential Homes and Communities

You may need this service if:

  • You have planted new sod, trees, shrubs or flowers
  • Your property is dirty after our winter season
  • A bird has deposited feces on your windows
  • You have acquired a new property that is in new of a fresh clean
  • You have someone vandalize your property with graffiti
  • Pools and ice rinks

"We are pleased to recommend Naco Solutions. Naco has attended to daily property maintenance and project needs for our Edmonton retail property portfolio for five years. They are a dedicated team focused on maintaining our quality objectives of property improvement. They are pro-active and always ready to assist with any additional work required, they are prompt, professional, reasonable and thorough. Our properties are very well looked after by Franco, Nadine, Kevin and the Naco Team."

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