Sidewalk and Parking Lot Snow Removal

Quality Property Begins With Customized Property Maintenance. Naco’s team of professional maintenance experts will keep your property clear of snow and ensure the safety of your visitors.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Ensure the safety and convenience of your property. You can trust us to promptly and efficiently remove snow and treat icy conditions on all sidewalks, main doors, stairs, and common areas outlined on your property. Count on our team to apply de-icing and sanding measures as needed after each snow clearing. If there’s an extended snowfall, we’re fully staffed and prepared to revisit our efforts upon your request. Your peace of mind and the safety of your visitors, tenants, and patrons during the winter months are our top priorities.

A Naco Commercial Property Solutions team member drives a snow blower through a parking lot.
A red snow blower shoots snow off to the side while clearing a parking lot.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Experience hassle-free snow removal and grading services tailored to your property. You need a company that specializes in expertly grading your parking areas, service lanes, and driveways, ensuring complete snow removal down to the asphalt surface. Naco Commercial Property Solutions prioritizes your safety by applying traction-enhancing materials like sand and gravel to icy areas after each snow clearing. Whether you require on-site grading or the removal of snow piles off-site, we handle projects of all sizes to meet your needs. Rest easy knowing that our parking lot snow removal services are guaranteed within 24 hours of the snowfall’s end. In case of extended snowfall, we provide mid-snowfall clearing to ensure safe and easy access for you, your visitors, tenants, and clients to your property.

A yellow Cat snow plow pushes through a snow-filled parking lot.
A large orange plow pushes snow into a pile while clearing a parking lot.

Naco Commercial Property Solutions Clients Include:

Property Management

Commercial & Industrial Property Owners

Schools & Government

Health Care Facilities

Condo Boards

Property Developers

Residential Homes

Residential Communities

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Sidewalk & Parking Lot Snow Removal

Skid Steer & Trucking Services

Refuse Disposal & Building Clean Outs

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Parking Lot Sanding & De-Icing

Line Painting, Sign Repair, & New Installs

Watering Services, Pressure & Window Washing

Parking Lot Maintenance & Sweeping

Concrete – Curbs, Sidewalks, & Bumper Stoppers

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

See What Other Naco Customers Are Saying About Us

See What Other Naco Customers Are Saying About Us

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Having been a Naco client for several years, I am consistently impressed with the high level of service that we receive. The crews arrive in a timely fashion, and the work is done well. Most importantly, on the odd time that we have had a concern, Naco is very quick to remedy the situation. Their attention to detail and their pride of work are well above average. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Carol Key Camrock Capital

We are pleased to recommend Naco Solutions. Naco has attended to daily property maintenance and project needs for our Edmonton retail property portfolio for five years. They are a dedicated team focused on maintaining our quality objectives of property improvement. They are proactive and always ready to assist with any additional work required, they are prompt, professional, reasonable and thorough. Our properties are very well looked after by Franco, Nadine, Kevin, and the Naco Team.

The Boultbee Synergy Group of Companies

Since June 2014 Naco Commercial Property Solutions has provided us with mowing, trimming, pruning, edging ( 4-step maintenance program) for our various properties for the summer and fall seasons. In addition to weekly care and watering, they also take great attention to litter licking and pest management, using products that encourage sustainability and limited environmental disruption and waste. They have educated our company with knowledge of the proper aerification, seeding, fertilizing, and irrigation protocols best suited for our Edmonton environment. In the winter and spring months, they provide prompt full-service snow clearing and removal on sidewalks, alleys, and parking areas. Naco has consistently outperformed expectations by providing quality workmanship and a professional attitude.

Dale Lee Vermont Property Group

I have used Naco services from the beginning. Over the last 14 years, I know that Naco is a phone call away. They are available to help with all my needs and ensure tasks are done professionally and promptly, all while adhering to costs.

Stacy Elliott Senior Director of Property Management, Canderel Management (West) Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Naco Commercial Property Solutions for the past three years. They have proven to be reliable, professional, honest, and very easy to communicate with. Naco Commercial Property Solutions provides quality service all year round.

Dawn Bailey Property Manager

Our company has used Naco Commercial Property Solutions for over a decade. My personal experience has been superb! The team at Naco is responsive, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable. The personalized customer service they provide cannot be beat. Naco offers a variety of services and are always up for any challenge I have asked them to face. Five stars all the way!

Ashley Simpson Director of Property Management, Canderel Management (West) Inc.