Sidewalk and Parking Lot Snow Removal

Quality Property Begins With Customized Property Maintenance. Naco’s team of professional maintenance experts will keep your property clear of snow and ensure the safety of your visitors.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Our company is dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient removal of snow and treatment of icy conditions on all sidewalks, main doors, stairs, and common areas outlined on the property. De-icing and sanding measures will be applied as necessary after each snow clearing. In the event of an extended snowfall, we are fully staffed and prepared to revisit our efforts upon request. Our top priority is the protection of liability and the safety of all visitors to your property, tenants, and their patrons during the winter months.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Our company specializes in the grading of all parking areas, service lanes, and driveways, ensuring the complete removal of snow down to the asphalt surface. We apply traction-enhancing materials such as sand and gravel to icy areas as needed after each snow clearing. We are able to accommodate projects of all sizes, including on-site grading and piling or removal of snow piles off-site. Our parking lot snow removal services are executed within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall. In the event of an extended snowfall, we provide mid-snowfall clearing to ensure safe and easy access to your property for visitors, tenants, and clients.

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Sidewalk & Parking Lot Snow Removal

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Since June 2014 Naco Commercial Property Solutions has provided us with mowing, trimming, pruning, edging ( 4-step maintenance program) for our various properties for the summer and fall seasons. In addition to weekly care and watering, they also take great attention to litter licking and pest management, using products that encourage sustainability and limited environmental disruption and waste. They have educated our company with knowledge of the proper aerification, seeding, fertilizing, and irrigation protocols best suited for our Edmonton environment. In the winter and spring months, they provide prompt full-service snow clearing and removal on sidewalks, alleys, and parking areas. Naco has consistently outperformed expectations by providing quality workmanship and a professional attitude.

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