Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

Lawn Maintenance

Naco provides weekly lawn and landscaping maintenance, we also provide one-time spring and fall cleanup. The collection and removal of winter and fall debris is vital to the overall health and look of your lawns, trees and shrubs. A clean, lush and green looking landscape is the first thing noticed by clients, patrons and all visitors that frequent your property and homes. Let us take care of all those pesky weeds in and around sidewalks, curb edges, flower beds, tree wells, parking lot and landscaped areas. Fertilizing all plant life is vital in promoting stronger root systems and gives that added boost to all organic life. Naco can assist with a seasonal program or one-time treatment. Our goal is to maintain your property to the highest level which in turn upholds property value.


We work closely with you, in the creation and designing a landscape that you will be proud to display. We will recommend improvement to your existing landscape. Our landscaping will take your vision and transform your property. We work not only with new developments but also project specification deficiency notice handed out by the city. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend the proper species of shrubs and trees best suited for our climate and the harshness that our winter brings. Our skilled equipment operators can handle any project small or large, we are experienced in rough grading, final grade and new sad install.

Clients include:

  • Property Management Organizations
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Owners
  • Schools and Government
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Condo Boards
  • Property Developers
  • Residential Homes and Communities

You may need this service if:

  • You lack time to maintain your landscaping
  • New Build Commercial, Industrial or Residential
  • Taken over management of a new property
  • Bring your property up to City Standards/Requirements
  • You need assistance designing a new fresh look for your property

"Having been a Naco client for several years. I am consistently impressed with the high level of service that we receive. The crews arrive in a timely fashion and the work is done well. Most importantly, the odd time that we have had a concern, Naco is very quick to remedy the situation. Their attention to detail, and their pride of work is well above average. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services."

Carol Key

Camrock Capital